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This new product is so simple we almost weren't going to do it! Chocolate dipped pretzels, seems common, no? BUT you know we always have to do it the DSRT way with fun flavours and lots of pizzazz - these little snacks are perfect to sneak into the movie theatre...or your gym bag...or your purse! No more waxy coated pretzels, we only ever use real chocolate around here. 

GIMME S'MORE: Milk chocolate coated pretzels with freeze dried mini marshmallows (containing gelatin) graham cereal and semi sweet chocolate chips 

WE SHOOT WE SKOR : Milk chocolate coated pretzels with skor toffee pieces (contains tree nuts) 

CKZ + CRM: Cookies and cream white chocolate with real oreo pieces! 

JUST MILK PLEASE: Milk chocolate dipped, drizzled with white chocolate

Each bag is approximately 150 grams.