About Us

The DSRT Company Ltd. is based in Hamilton, Ontario and is formerly The Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe circa 2016. Once we started on our chocolate journey it became clear that is where we felt most at 'home'.

Our vibe: Willy Wonka meets Abstract Art.

We use exclusively fair trade/sustainable real chocolate products. As much as is possible, fillings/add-ins are made in-house for the ultimate hand crafted experience. The goal is to create a new chocolate experience for our loyal guests.

We can't erase the changes going on in the world, but we can provide something extraordinary to look forward to, to help get you through.

Meet Summer

Summer is the only one we know who can rock both her beautiful curls and that pastry chef vibe of hair up, bandana on, chocolate-stained apron swaying everyday looks. She fell in love with the world of pastry as a kid and developed a strong passion for the art of baking. She continued to follow her heart and develop her skills to become a professional chocolatier. With her crazy creative ideas, she brought in nothing but MAGIC and created a celebration of confectioneries that have moulded all our happy occasions.

Why DSRT Co.?

At the DSRT store, we take ingredients that we love and create something that's more than a sweet harmony for your taste buds. We always choose premium quality ingredients that are sourced locally and made with love. While our chocolates may be the perfect item to munch on, it’s also our favourite things to make back in the kitchen, because it gives us to channel our craziest ideas and flavors for you! We will soon be introducing gluten-free and vegan options.

Now that you know everything you could about our chocolates, what’s stopping you from grabbing some?

What makes us the DSRT Co.

We are a living wage employer which means we are committed to paying our employees a living wage - and beyond that treating them with respect and admiration because they deserve it! We have 4 amazing chocolatiers in the chocolate palace who work hard everyday bringing their fine-tuned creativity and attention to detail with them- shout out to our team: Chloe, Hannah, Kaylynn and Juliana! Without them there would be no DSRT Company (or cool bars like Tajin Dream thanks to Chloe!) 

Our front of house consists of 3 team members Telisa, Ryana and me who make the magic of packaging/shipping + retail come to life!

A flurry of candy dust and a smear of chocolate for good measure - they are the glue that holds DSRT Company together so we can distribute the chocolate goodness to you as efficiently as possible!

We recently took home a Platinum award for Chocolate Shop in Hamilton and we are so honoured to be in this position to make treats for you. Thank you for all your support and love this past year!

Our mission as a business is to support our community with living wages, empower our staff and bring you products that make your heart and tongue HAPPY

We are committed to reducing food waste by composting daily, donating extra chocolates + samples + participating in the Too Good To Go food waste reduction program.

Have a suggestion for how we can do better for our community? Please let us know! ♥