When you place an order on the website the processing time will depend on order volume at that time. High volume times include: special holidays, new menu launches, etc. During this time you can expect a minimum processing time of 20- 25 business days. For slower volume times our minimum processing time is approximately 10 -15 business days. 

Please do not go by the shopify stated processing times - shopify uses this as a default timeline for shops, this is not accurate for how our business is currently operating as we make ALL items from scratch. 

*Preorders processing times will be indicated in the descriptions for items. We are a small batch gourmet business with real folks hand-making items - as the business grows we will aim to lessen processing times. Please note if any one item in the order is preorder it will be processed as a preorder! 

* Preorders will be marked on the product image with a banner that says preorder



We will no longer be allowing changes to shipments such as refunding/bundling shipping services, processing shipping for pick-up orders, etc. This leads to a lengthy wait in processing as well as the room for clerical errors.

Please ensure you have selected the correct shipping method and address. Once you have selected shipping and we create the label we cannot issue a refund or a change in address so please ensure those details are correct! We cannot refund shipping charges once a parcel has shipped, even if we refund the product totals the shipping charge has went to the courier. 


All shipping in the warmer temperatures is 'ship at your own risk' due to delay potentials with couriers - however we will be taking all the precautions to pack summer parcels with the utmost care! For best results we suggest only selecting this method when the shipping options are 1-3 days (IE close to our shipping dispatch area of Hamilton, Ontario)

As a result of the heat, some shipments may be delayed to mitigate melting risk. 


Local pick-ups are retrieved from our Hamilton storefront. Please find our hours on google! Your local pick up will be ready once you receive the pickup notification so please wait for the notification before attempting to pick up your order. 

Moving forward local pickup orders will be held for 1 week from the day you receive your pick-up notification e-mail and then you risk losing your order. If you think it will be longer please do reach out to us!


All options other than TRACKED PARCEL for US orders has been disabled. This is to prevent un-trackable options being selected at checkout. 

Please read the preorder timeline to get an estimate on wait times before your order will ship.

Please be mindful of the weather! If you live in a hot state and the temperatures are already above 70 degrees F then your chocolate may melt along the journey and it is ship at your own risk! We are not responsible for damaged orders placed on the website in the warmer months. This means we cannot offer refunds on damaged orders outside of our guaranteed shipping area. 

If there are any questions about when items will arrive/if they have shipped yet please e-mail us with your order # and full name + address to we can ensure we are checking the correct order. 

We have not been made aware of any extra duties charged for our across-border shipments, however we cannot guarantee that is the case for all areas of the U.S! 


As of March 13th 2022 we have closed International Shipping Options. Please check back for when that changes!

Want us to ship to your country? Send us a message!



You should have access through your ORDER STATUS page generated from your shopify purchase - if you cannot locate this you can also download the SHOP app which helps check tracking from online vendors in one place. The shop app also makes checking out a quicker process. 


At this time we are unable to offer returns or exchanges of our product. For sanitary and health reasons, once the items have left our premises we cannot take them back. We currently do not offer returns due to the small-batch and time intensive processes it takes to produce our items, however should there be any issues with your order please contact us right away so we can troubleshoot and ensure you have a good experience with us! 

Please be mindful of our shelf-life considerations when placing your order - we always suggest choosing the quickest shipping option if you are ordering items with a shorter shelf-life. 

For missing parcels please send us an e-mail so we can open a missing parcel inquiry with Canada Post to try and locate your package and remedy the issue. 

For broken/damaged/missing items: please send us an e-mail right away explaining the issue and our customer service team will do their best to make sure the issue is corrected. 


Refunds can only be made on orders that have not begun fulfillment. Please e-mail us with your order number and name as well as a reason for the return so that we can process the refund. Refunded fees can only be processed on the payment type that you paid with for your order. If order fulfillment has begun on your order, or a shipping label has been printed - this means the order has already been fulfilled and cannot be refunded. Once your order has been shipped we cannot process a refund


Effective starting May 15th 2023 all orders placed online will be subject to a % of the order being withheld in the event of a refund. This is because all online orders help us generate our production lists + schedules. Cancelling an order results in lost wages + products. All orders under 100$ CAD (before tax) will result in 5$ CAD being withheld. All orders over 100$ CAD (before tax) will result in 10% of the order being held back. 


If you have reached out to us please allow us time to respond. Please do not file chargebacks. These are extremely destructive to small businesses like ours and will result in all future orders being pre-emptively cancelled. They will also add a considerable amount of time to the issue being dealt with versus dealing with us directly. Should there be issues or questions about your order please reach out to customer service as noted above. 


We reserve the right to terminate service if the patron is being physically or emotionally abusive to our employees. All current and future orders you may have with us will be automatically cancelled in the event we find conduct to go against our safety in any way.


Please note the filled bars last 4-5 weeks from production day before their quality decreases! They should be frozen in that time to enjoy them longer (up to 3 months). Please check your bar for its best before date!

Sometimes there may be variations in design as each bar is hand crafted. We are artists producing small batches of edible art.

If you want your order shipped for a later date, please include that in the message box during check-out