I started DSRT CO in 2021. I had made the decision to finally close my baking business in the summer of 2021 as I felt I couldn't make it work and after 6 years I was tired of spinning my wheels. 

A week after making the choice I experienced my first viral video (it was of the KEITH bar!) and it changed the course of my business and my life. 

It has now been a full year in our brick & mortar and I am so blessed to work with a team of passionate talented women. We listen to podcasts, playlists + each other (we have a spreadsheet for show recommendations going now!) It has been a lot of ups and downs, as with all businesses - but we keep each other going!

Clockwise: Kiona, Chloe, Colleen, Hannah, Summer, Nicole + Dari (not pictured)


We are a living wage employer with big dreams. But the biggest dream of all is creating magic and fulfilling the lives of our employees and clients alike. We made a shift recently to focus more on local orders and in-store shopping so we can grow slow during these uncertain times. One thing is for sure, we love what we do and we hope that comes across in our products. 



Staff picks (left to right): Summer (lava that for you), Kiona (honeycomb hither), Nicole (rky rd vegan bar), Chloe (Running Latte), Colleen (tajin dream), Hannah (life of the party)


I cannot wait to highlight more of our story this year - talk to you all soon!

Photo credit: Time Stands Still Photography (Nena Selim)