A little bit of the known, the unknown, and a whole lot of magic!

Solid SNAK bars

These solid bars ship well and last for months (in theory.. not practice!)

Confection Selection

Chocolate treats in tiny more pocket-size serings. A perfect pick-me-up or last minute stockin stuffer!

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What's in store?

Location in Hamilton we have everything your heart desires. Everything made at the DSRT.co is a product of love.

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How do we work?

The DSRT Company is currently a very small team at a new location. Once an order is placed it gets put into the queue of orders to be made and shipped out all over North America - depending on when your order is placed please anticipate a processing time that can change with order volume.

All items are made in a fully licensed public health inspected kitchen, packaged and shipped with love and care by staff who make every item by hand!

Local Pickups! (Hamilton and surrounding area)

For local pickup and in-store shopping hours kindly check the hours listed on google for DSRT Company.

You can also give us a call at 905-549-0230 to chat with customer service.

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